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Sing a Veggie Song, Do a Veggie Dance, Win a Garden

Urban Grown Veggies, a garden consulting company located in Washington, DC, has just announced that it will host a  a citywide “Creativity Kids Contest” this spring. All DC public school students are eligible to enter.  Students must use their creativity to sing or rap OR create an original dance for a song that the owners of the Read More →

This Spring Take Some Free Gardening Classes in DC

It remains one of the best deals in town: DC Department of Parks and Recreation offers free gardening classes in DC for those who want to learn how to grow their own food. This year the department is offering a series of classes as a part of its Urban Gardening Certificate Program. After the completion Read More →

UMD Home Garden Information Center to Close Phone Lines

When the University of Maryland Agriculture Extension Office announced it would be shutting down its Home and Garden Information Center phone lines this December, a lot of gardeners around the state expressed deep dismay.  Like other Extension Offices at other universities across the country, the staff and highly-trained volunteers at the UMD have provided answers to Read More →

Attracting Bees to Your Urban Garden

August  is here– time to reap the rewards of planting edibles.  If your tomatoes, squash and melon plants aren’t producing a lot of fruit this summer it might be due to a lack of good pollination.  Even if you are only growing a couple of pepper plants in containers on a deck or balcony, you’ll Read More →

City Wildlife Gardening: What to Know Before You Get Started

People sometimes assume that you need a large yard in the country in order to attract birds, butterflies, bees and other kinds of wildlife.  But gardening for wildlife on a city lot can bring great results.  You may be surprised, in fact, by the immediate response you get from the local fauna when you plant Read More →

Victory for Victory Gardens in Montgomery County

Okay, okay. I can’t help but laugh at the announcement in last week’s message from the Montgomery Victory Gardens people: We won! We won! We won! One can almost picture the nanny-nanny-boo-boos being levelled at the Montgomery County Public Schools on this one… and there are many who say they had it coming. For more Read More →

Growing Shitake Mushrooms with Your Kids

It was my six-year-old daughter’s idea to grow shitake mushrooms. We were sitting on the living room floor, surrounded by seed catalogs and gardening books, dreaming of spring. It was early March, and the weather outside was dreadfully grey and gloomy. Her dream was to grow all of her favorite foods. She envisioned a warm Read More →