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Got Good Bird Pictures? Send them to Cornell

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology wants to see your bird pictures. Each week between now and February 29, 2016, the lab is accepting submissions for its annual BirdSpotter photography contest.  Visitors to the website will then vote on their favorite pics. Winners will be rewarded with prizes such as bird feeders, t-shirts, framed artwork and Read More →

New Study finds Bird Eye Disease in Surprising Number of Species

Researchers working with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have found that a bird eye disease which was previously thought to only infect  finches is actually prevalent in many different species of birds that regularly visit US backyards. Until now, the bacterium, known as Mycoplasma gallisepticum, was so commonly found in the red-colored House Finches that it Read More →

How to Stop Birds Crashing Into Windows

Spring is full of pretty sounds, but one of the sounds that I really hate is the sound of birds crashing into windows at my house.  I would love to NEVER hear that sound EVER again. Sadly, there have been times when I have heard that sound a great deal.  Two of my windows in Read More →

City Wildlife Gardening: What to Know Before You Get Started

People sometimes assume that you need a large yard in the country in order to attract birds, butterflies, bees and other kinds of wildlife.  But gardening for wildlife on a city lot can bring great results.  You may be surprised, in fact, by the immediate response you get from the local fauna when you plant Read More →

Do Birds Have a Nicotine Problem?

Last week an old nest lined with old cigarette butts and other types of litter blew down from the branches of our cedar tree.  I have noticed cigarettes before in other nests, and had always assumed the birds chose them was because the fibers were warm and soft and  easy for the birds to find Read More →

Barn Swallows Under the Beltway

Just beside Holy Cross Hospital on Forest Glen Road, the Capitol beltway crosses over the Sligo Creek trail. This forms a funny place to enjoy nature. You go under the bridge into a huge echo chamber. If I’m riding bikes with my kids we bellow in low long notes and cause funny sound waves to Read More →