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Hey Maryland Residents: Want Free Trees?

  This week I’m posting a note/guest post from Aubin Maynard, an environmental planner at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.   How would you like 5 to 25 tree seedlings at no cost to you through the Maryland Forest Service’s Backyard Buffer program? This program was created to help landowners that own less than 6 acres Read More →

Here’s Hoping #OptOutside Becomes a Tradition, Too

The national retailer of outdoor equipment REI made headlines earlier this year when it announced that its stores would remain closed on both Thanksgiving AND the day after, known  in the US as “Black Friday.” I’ve long been against the idea of any store opening on Thanksgiving. The holiday used to stand out as the one day of Read More →

Trees for Bees

Bees Like Sunny Gardens, but They Also Feed on Trees Like a lot of gardeners, I associate bees with “full sun” locations – mostly because when I see bees in my yard I see them flying from flower to flower in search of nectar.  I don’t see them in the shade.  So last year when researching my book Read More →

English Ivy Removal Proves Easier than I Feared

  About a year ago, I decided to remove all of the English Ivy  which was growing in my backyard. The annoying invasive exotic plants had been there for decades, and covered the entire inner root zone of our mature red maple tree.   It was a problem I inherited when I bought the place. English Read More →

Turn Off the Cellphone, Find Nature and Yourself

Last summer when my friend R and her husband went to the beach with her extended family, her mother-in-law offered a rare treat.  “The two of you should go to the beach and watch the sunset.  I will watch the kids.” R and D snapped up the chance to get away for a romantic moment Read More →

A War on Trees? For Real?

“A community without trees is a barren place without a future…” Read More →

Stop Raking Leaves, Start Seeing More Birds

Stop Raking the Leaves and You Might Increase Your Yard’s Biodiversity The Eastern Towhees returned to our garden this fall. If you’ve never seen one before you can imagine a robin dressed for the prom in full tux.  They are big, like mockingbirds, with suave-looking dark wings overtop of orange and white chests.  Although not Read More →

Get a Free Tree and Figure Out Where to Plant It

It is no secret that I hate our local power company, PEPCO.  They truly are one of the worst utilities in the region — maybe in the country.  They even earned the label “Most Hated Company in America” earlier this year!!!  And they seem to be ripping consumers off so as to pay big dividends Read More →

MoCo Street Tree Update

  I was thrilled to read an article in the most recent update from Conservation Montgomery about the street tree budget in Montgomery County.   As someone who has advocated hard for the street tree program, I had become very worried about the huge backlog of maintenance the county’s Department of Transportation had acquired in Read More →

Trees are the Answer, Not the Problem

  It is frightening to see a large tree fall. I was walking once at Brookside Gardens on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the autumn two years ago when I saw one go down in the forest along the horizon. It made an awful sound, and the weight of it made the Read More →

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