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Rain barrel Diverters

  “How Are those Rain Barrel Diverters Working???” A little over two years ago, I installed Y-shaped rain barrel diverters at the end of each of my gutters. I have been asked to give an update on this — a lot of people are starting to buy rain barrels now and want to know about Read More →

Bills About Sewage Proposed

Sewage is a huge problem throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.  In some places, septic systems fail.  In others, its a matter of having stormwater systems which date to the Civil War era coupled with pipes leading to sewage treatment plants. For my own area, the issue is one of aging infrastructure.  Pipes which were installed Read More →

“That Ain’t Chocolate, Wonka Fans”

Each second I type, I am convinced I will lose power once again as yet another storm rages on outside the windows. It is complete white-out out there right now. We’ve lost power once, for about 25 hours, and I’m sure we’re set to lose it again. In the meantime, I’m catching up on emails Read More →