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Cellphones Turn “Cassandras of Climate Change” into Citizen Scientists

The question everyone asks each other every where I go is:  Are we ever going to have winter again?  With news reports telling us over and over again that last year was the warmest on record it is not strange to wonder what the heck we’ve done to our selves and our climate. The Weather Read More →

Reading the Snow with My Dog

Walking with my dog in the snow is a bit like suddenly being able to read Braille, except instead of understanding the little dots that appear in a line on a page, I understand exactly why my dog stops at certain locations and has a long sniff. There are, of course, the areas that have Read More →

The End of the Stormy Silence

  Its done and gone now. The two big storms, which hit DC in a one-two wallop, have moved out to sea. I watched last night as those lovely, ever cheerful and somewhat silly forecasters on the Weather Channel said “bye-bye” to it like the infamous SNL flight attendant. They had even named it the Read More →

Keeping the Sidewalks Clear Without Dirtying the Watershed

Well, the power is still on, for now. I have seen the lights flicker twice since this most recent storm started. We are expecting another 15 inches on top of the two and a half feet already out there. If the wind doesn’t bring down the wires, I’m sure the weight of the snow on Read More →