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Here’s Hoping #OptOutside Becomes a Tradition, Too

The national retailer of outdoor equipment REI made headlines earlier this year when it announced that its stores would remain closed on both Thanksgiving AND the day after, known  in the US as “Black Friday.” I’ve long been against the idea of any store opening on Thanksgiving. The holiday used to stand out as the one day of Read More →

Look Into the Murky Crystal Ball: MNCPPC’s Vision 2030 Report

Ever wish you could sit down in front of a crystal ball to see what the future will look like for our area? Last week I attended a feedback session hosted by the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC). They were gathering final comments and reactions to Vision 2030, a plan which will ultimately Read More →

Owls in Silver Spring

I thought the dog had a serious nose whistle. Know what I mean by that? Like, when someone breathes in and out in their sleep and it makes a little breezy whistling noise? Not a full snore, mind you, kind of a teeny, tiny snore. A nose whistle. But how, how was she able to Read More →

Trees are the Answer, Not the Problem

  It is frightening to see a large tree fall. I was walking once at Brookside Gardens on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the autumn two years ago when I saw one go down in the forest along the horizon. It made an awful sound, and the weight of it made the Read More →