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Hey Maryland Residents: Want Free Trees?

  This week I’m posting a note/guest post from Aubin Maynard, an environmental planner at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.   How would you like 5 to 25 tree seedlings at no cost to you through the Maryland Forest Service’s Backyard Buffer program? This program was created to help landowners that own less than 6 acres Read More →

Turning Invasive Exotic Plants into Art

Invasive exotic plants were taking over Patterson Clark’s neighborhood in Northwest Washington, DC.  Initially he saw the need to wage a war against them.  Then he found inspiration in their beauty and opportunity in their removal. He first noticed the weeds as he walked along a tributary of Rock Creek Park.  They were pulling and Read More →

Bills About Sewage Proposed

Sewage is a huge problem throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.  In some places, septic systems fail.  In others, its a matter of having stormwater systems which date to the Civil War era coupled with pipes leading to sewage treatment plants. For my own area, the issue is one of aging infrastructure.  Pipes which were installed Read More →

Vespas and a Different Kind of Ivy League

  I love reading through web updates from local stream stewardship groups. While the websites of big environmental organizations will tell you all kinds of important information, they rarely give you that funny, slice-of-life feeling that sometimes really motivates you to care about taking care of the earth. Last week I got a really great, Read More →