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Rain barrel Diverters

  “How Are those Rain Barrel Diverters Working???” A little over two years ago, I installed Y-shaped rain barrel diverters at the end of each of my gutters. I have been asked to give an update on this — a lot of people are starting to buy rain barrels now and want to know about Read More →

Urban Waters Daily Debuts

Blue Water Baltimore, the non-profit group dedicated to achieving clean water in that city’s rivers, streams and harbor, has decided to publish a round up of news related to the topic of urban waters, called the Urban Waters Daily. For someone like me who is obsessed with urban ecology, this website could quickly become a Read More →

Y-Shaped Diverters for Rain Barrels

Friday was an exciting day here in my backyard, because the end of our long renovation process was finally at hand and the gutters were up and working. ┬áThe day for to put install new diverters for our rain barrels had arrived. I guess to a lot of people, the gutters are not very important. Read More →

Rain Barrels a go-go, or When did DC become the new Seattle?

  Last week I got the good news from the county: we had been approved for our rain barrel rebate. Wahoo! I headed straight for the hardware store, bought my lovely 75 gallon barrel. As the helpful guy from the store helped lift it into the back of my minivan I did a happy dance Read More →