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Here’s Hoping #OptOutside Becomes a Tradition, Too

The national retailer of outdoor equipment REI made headlines earlier this year when it announced that its stores would remain closed on both Thanksgiving AND the day after, known  in the US as “Black Friday.” I’ve long been against the idea of any store opening on Thanksgiving. The holiday used to stand out as the one day of Read More →

Bills About Sewage Proposed

Sewage is a huge problem throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.  In some places, septic systems fail.  In others, its a matter of having stormwater systems which date to the Civil War era coupled with pipes leading to sewage treatment plants. For my own area, the issue is one of aging infrastructure.  Pipes which were installed Read More →

Find the Connection Between Sligo and Northwood Chesapeake Bay Trail

Over the winter, I wrote an article about the new link between the Northwest Branch and Sligo Creek via a new section of Northwood Chesapeake Bay Trail in the Breewood neighborhood of Montgomery County, Maryland.   (I’m not sure why I never posted it here…things got a bit crazy this winter!… but you can read Read More →