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Beekeepers, Neonicotinoids & the Pollinator Protection Act

Beekeepers Come Out to Support the Proposed MD Bill About Neonicotinoids “This place is a hive of activity,” one man quipped as beekeepers entered the Maryland Environmental Legislative Summit dressed in their white canvas suits in Annapolis, MD last night. They had come, mesh hoods hanging down their backs, to show support for the proposed Pollinator Protection Read More →

What’s In Bloom: Abelia

Most of my postings for “What’s in Bloom” feature native plants.  I like to highlight the often-underused native species because they offer so much to native wildlife, including bees, butterflies, birds and moths.  Native plants have co-evolved with native critters;  the nutritional needs of the native animals often are completely in tune with the resources offered Read More →

Behnke’s To Avoid Neonicotinoids!

  I would like to officially salute Behnke’s Nurseries in Maryland for making a bold statement on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides.  This is a great first step toward going neonicotinoid-free. Although I have always known that the plants I bought from nurseries were likely to be treated with some kind of chemical, I used to assume that Read More →