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Monarchs Nectaring on Pineapple Sage

I was pleasantly surprised to look out the window during my lunch break today and see two monarch butterflies nectaring on my pineapple sage. Pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) is one of those plants I like to include in my herb garden for both aesthetic and culinary reasons; the leaves make a yummy addition to iced Read More →

Monarch Caterpillar, Here’s Hoping You Make it to Mexico

I was delighted to find this monarch caterpillar in our garden today, munching away on some Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). We used to see monarchs on a regular basis, but in the last few years these visitors have become very rare in my wildlife garden. My own anecdotal observations match what scientists who study these beautiful orange, Read More →

Planting for Pollinators in DC on Earth Day

This morning commuters across the District were reminded it was Earth Day when representatives from the city’s Department of Energy & the Environment (DDOE) arrived at 13 different Metro stations to hand out seed packets. “Want some seeds to help us plant pollinators?” DDOE Director Tommy Wells repeatedly asked people on their way to work and Read More →

Welcoming Wildlife to an Urban Garden

Welcoming Wildlife to Your Urban Garden Join me tomorrow, April 18, 2015 @ 2pm at Community Forklift in Edmonston, Maryland for a workshop about urban gardening for wildlife. FREE! City lots and balconies may be small, but the actions taken in our tiny backyards can add up to a big difference for creatures like dragonflies, Read More →

Apartment living for Monarch Caterpillars

Liz Marshall wasn’t expecting to turn her entire apartment into an incubator  monarch caterpillars this summer.  She had only intended to help a few monarchs safely make their way from egg to pupa by protecting them in some small mesh pop-up carriers inside, away from predators. But when the plants she’d sprinkled along the driveway of her Read More →

Can Aphids on Milkweed Plants Harm Monarchs?

Will Aphids on Milkweed Harm or Deter Monarchs? Almost every afternoon for the last two weeks, monarch butterflies have been spotted flying through our urban garden here outside of DC.  Sometimes I see them from my home office window.  Other times, my kids will run in from playing outside and announce they’re seeing one on our Read More →

Swamp Milkweed for a City Garden Plot?

Monarch butterflies are constantly on my mind  as I walk through the garden and hike in the woods and along the local stream valleys lately. Sadly, I have yet to see even one of these butterflies this spring.  I’m hoping they will have a better year than they did in 2013, and I remain optimistic Read More →

Sustaining Monarch Butterflies in St. Louis

  A lot of cities have drafted grand schemes for conservation lately.  Locally, DC has one.  So does NYC.  Most of these plans aim to increase tree canopy cover, or access to food via urban farms and community garden plots.  Some even try to reduce storm water run-off through the installation of raingardens.  These are all good Read More →

An Argument on Behalf of Messy Common Milkweed

Common Milkweed Can Be a Thug.  Grow It Anyway. The Monarchs Need It. Some native plants are easy for a gardener to love.  You put them in the ground, they grow in a tame fashion with little care, attract all kinds of wonderful wildlife visitors, and make you feel virtuous for doing your part to Read More →

The Best Milkweed for Monarchs in the City?

Planting Milkweed for Monarchs is good, but how do these native plants perform in the city? A lot of people are interested in growing milkweed this year.  Not many monarchs were spotted flying through American gardens last season, and there’s increasing worry that we may lose these beautiful insects entirely to extinction. Experts warn that the Read More →

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