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Monarch Butterflies Finally Arrive

Since late last evening and early this morning we’ve been graced with the unexpected and very welcome sight of monarch butterflies drinking nectar at our zinnias. Its been a crappy week here in DC, as the federal government’s shutdown has brought real hardship and frustration to so many of my hardworking neighbors.  Its also been Read More →

Red Admiral Butterflies Arrive in a HUGE way…

Now that the migration of the Red Admiral butterfly is on my mental radar, I am seeing those butterflies everywhere. In yesterday’s posting, I told about seeing them over the weekend when temps were unseasonably cold.  They got my interest, those little butterflies… the fact that it was so cold and cloudy made me wonder Read More →

Seen These Butterflies Lately???

I often get red admirals and painted ladies mixed up. (…butterflies – did I mention that I meant in the butterfly world?) Anyhow, over the weekend, I kept seeing a lot of them, landing on branches, looking for nectar, basking in the sun. Even when the clouds and cold temperatures made our teeth chatter over Read More →

Follow the Birds, REAL BIRDS

  You hear about migration, and maybe every once in a while if you are a stellar backyard naturalist, you are able to see one or two migratory species in your garden or on a nature walk in the spring. But did you ever wish you could just follow along and see exactly where that Read More →