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Help Me Tell Stories about the Urban Environment

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just joined the Beacon journalism project, and starting this February I’ll be writing stories about the urban environment for a project called “Greening the City.” I have always been fascinated by the intersection of nature and people in crowded urban spaces, and the ways in which green space can make Read More →

Finding Microplastic Trash in the Chesapeake Bay

Litter is easy to see along the urban shores of the Chesapeake Bay. On any given day, things like food containers, disposable bottles and tangled fishing lines float along almost any stretch of the Anacostia, Potomac, Severn, and Patuxent Rivers. After storms, plastic bags cling to tree branches along streams in those watersheds like socks hung out to dry. There’s Read More →

Do Birds Have a Nicotine Problem?

Last week an old nest lined with old cigarette butts and other types of litter blew down from the branches of our cedar tree.  I have noticed cigarettes before in other nests, and had always assumed the birds chose them was because the fibers were warm and soft and  easy for the birds to find Read More →

Another way to make litter GO AWAY?

I remember reading once that it takes several years for a banana peel or orange rind to decompose in the open woods.  The author of the article said he was inspired to write after being annoyed at the number of discarded fruit skins he found on regular walks he took along his favorite mountain trails.  His Read More →

A Bill to Banish the Bags in Maryland

December was a very windy month. I spent a lot of mornings walking my dog through an empty park with my collar turned up against the cold, watching the tumbleweeds roll across the abandoned soccer fields. Only wait!… those weren’t tumbleweeds. They were plastic shopping bags! One particularly blustery morning I worked with my kids Read More →