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Help Me Tell Stories about the Urban Environment

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just joined the Beacon journalism project, and starting this February I’ll be writing stories about the urban environment for a project called “Greening the City.” I have always been fascinated by the intersection of nature and people in crowded urban spaces, and the ways in which green space can make Read More →

Virginia Bluebells for the Urban Backyard

  When I look at Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica), I don’t see the bells. They look more like flashlights to me, or showerheads. Or, at their peak, like dancing ladies in antebellum ball gowns. But bells? Only vaguely. I’m not sure what this reveals about my mental state. If wildflowers can be used as a Read More →

English Ivy Removal Proves Easier than I Feared

  About a year ago, I decided to remove all of the English Ivy  which was growing in my backyard. The annoying invasive exotic plants had been there for decades, and covered the entire inner root zone of our mature red maple tree.   It was a problem I inherited when I bought the place. English Read More →

Turning Invasive Exotic Plants into Art

Invasive exotic plants were taking over Patterson Clark’s neighborhood in Northwest Washington, DC.  Initially he saw the need to wage a war against them.  Then he found inspiration in their beauty and opportunity in their removal. He first noticed the weeds as he walked along a tributary of Rock Creek Park.  They were pulling and Read More →

How to Feed the Birds Without Buying Seed

Want to Know How to Feed the Birds Without Spending Money? Let your Native Plants Go to Seed! Although I used to love having seed feeders,  I gave up using them in my yard many years ago when I was living in a little rental row home in Baltimore.  The rats in that neighborhood were Read More →

Honeysuckle As Sunblock Boost?

In urban parks like Sligo Creek and the Northwest Branch, the fight against invasive exotic plants often produces huge amounts of leafy garbage, prompting land managers and volunteers alike to wish for some creative use for all of the so-called “yard waste.” In the past this has led to garlic mustard recipe books and kudzu Read More →