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How to Take Good Flower Photos with Your Smartphone

I love taking flower photos in my garden, but I am not always pleased with the results! Strangely, my android smartphone seems to yield the best results, perhaps because my expectations are always low and I’m always pleasantly surprised how my relaxed attitude makes for a better pic. Either way, I wanted to pass on info Read More →

UMD Home Garden Information Center to Close Phone Lines

When the University of Maryland Agriculture Extension Office announced it would be shutting down its Home and Garden Information Center phone lines this December, a lot of gardeners around the state expressed deep dismay.  Like other Extension Offices at other universities across the country, the staff and highly-trained volunteers at the UMD have provided answers to Read More →

Now *that’s* an Impressive Flora Database

I’m not in Maine.  I wish I was.  Simple as that.  July is a bit of an unpleasant armpit here in DC and this year it seems particularly, well, stinky.  We are supposed to get ANOTHER day of record high temps tomorrow. Anyway, I was especially wishing I was in Maine when I got an Read More →