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Time to Put Away the Fertilizer

Are you still applying fertilizer to your lawn?  Or is your lawn care company still coming like clock work to apply chemicals even though you’ve got Christmas lights hanging in the bushes? This late in the season there is really no benefit to applying those chemicals, and you risk polluting local waterways with excessive nitrogen. Read More →

Help Me Tell Stories about the Urban Environment

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just joined the Beacon journalism project, and starting this February I’ll be writing stories about the urban environment for a project called “Greening the City.” I have always been fascinated by the intersection of nature and people in crowded urban spaces, and the ways in which green space can make Read More →

Finding Microplastic Trash in the Chesapeake Bay

Litter is easy to see along the urban shores of the Chesapeake Bay. On any given day, things like food containers, disposable bottles and tangled fishing lines float along almost any stretch of the Anacostia, Potomac, Severn, and Patuxent Rivers. After storms, plastic bags cling to tree branches along streams in those watersheds like socks hung out to dry. There’s Read More →

Urban Waters Daily Debuts

Blue Water Baltimore, the non-profit group dedicated to achieving clean water in that city’s rivers, streams and harbor, has decided to publish a round up of news related to the topic of urban waters, called the Urban Waters Daily. For someone like me who is obsessed with urban ecology, this website could quickly become a Read More →

Bills About Sewage Proposed

Sewage is a huge problem throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.  In some places, septic systems fail.  In others, its a matter of having stormwater systems which date to the Civil War era coupled with pipes leading to sewage treatment plants. For my own area, the issue is one of aging infrastructure.  Pipes which were installed Read More →

Native Plant Database for Chesapeake Region Now Online

Last week the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and Image Matters LLC unveiled their new online Native Plant Center. The new site provides a very user-friendly way to identify and/or select native plant species for the Bay watershed. The online portal includes a fully-searchable database and online access to Read More →

More Visions Needed for MNCPPC’s Vision 2030

My good friend and fellow MoCo environmentalist Kit Gage recently let me know that she’d contacted the people at our local parks department to let them know her thoughts about the Vision 2030 plan they’d drafted after reading an email I’d circulated on the topic. Kit’s own email on the topic was so good I Read More →

Native Plants @ Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog

  I was thrilled to get an invitation from Betsy Franz and the Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog this month. Betsy’s blog is one of the best in the area for gardeners– full of great info every time. I also really warmed to the idea of writing about native plants here at the end Read More →