Seen a Bird Nest in a Funky Place?

The Cornell Lab or Ornithology wants to know:  have you seen a bird nest in a funky place?

Photograph it or write about it and you could win a prize.

Some of my favorite nests have been under highway bridges, and on top of commercial signs in downtown areas.

The Funky Nests in Funky Places Contest is a part of Cornell’s Celebrate Urban Birds program.  Their site includes all kinds of helpful info, such as how to safely photograph a nest when you find and places you can look when searching for nests in urban areas.  Kids are especially encouraged to submit entries.

Check out the slide show of nests on their site too — so fun.

The contest runs from May 1 – June 15.

This robin's isn't in a funky place, but it still made me smile!

This robin’s nest isn’t in a funky place, but it still made me smile when I found it on top of a chain link fence.


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