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“How Are those Rain Barrel Diverters Working???”

A little over two years ago, I installed Y-shaped rain barrel diverters at the end of each of my gutters.

I have been asked to give an update on this — a lot of people are starting to buy rain barrels now and want to know about these diverters, which allow you to easily switch from the “fill” mode to the regular rain gutter mode with just the slide of a toggle.

(You can read my original post about it by clicking here.)

The diverters have made it through two winters, and several rounds of snow and a number of huge hurricanes.  We installed them because we’d had some problems in the past with ice and snow damming up in the downspout and I don’t have the room or the energy to store the barrels some place else in the winter.

We have two sizes of diverter installed — the 2×3 inch size and the 3×4 inch size.

Both work really well and do not clog at all.  We have a lot of leaf litter in both the spring and fall — and we always have to have our gutters flushed out at the end of those seasons.  The gutters get clogged but it is not due to the diverters or the downspouts — just debris sitting on the gutters.  The diverters themselves have yet to clog up or malfunction.

The mechanism for opening the diverters works as promised.  One of my biggest challenges has been getting the kids to NOT play with the toggle.  They like to pretend they are working in a factory — and I even found one of my daughter’s friends pretending she was a train conductor.  This has led to some unexpectedly empty barrels at times.  But that is no big deal and actually kind of funny.  Anyhow, when a storm blows in I sometimes run outside to check and make sure they are in the right position for collecting all that free rain water!


Does this look like a train conductor's switch to you?

Does this look like a train conductor’s switch to you?

I thought I would also post a picture of a rain barrel installed by my friends, Ben and Jennifer, in their backyard.  This is the prettiest rain barrel set up I have ever seen.  She says the pebbles were leftover from a craft project — she put them on the top screen in a random moment of creativity.

The barrel itself is also lovely, isn’t it?  And instead of a rain gutter they have one of those cool rain chains, too.

I look at this and think:  time for me to upgrade!


Ben and Jen's rainbarrel_cleaned

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    • Alison on May 16, 2013 at 3:31 pm said:

      I actually ordered the diverters from an online source. I just checked and there are several companies that sell them. I do not want to endorse any one in particular — but there are several out there selling the same product. Hope that helps!

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