This Spring Take Some Free Gardening Classes in DC

Radishes are easy to grow.  Learn how this spring in a  DC DPR course

Radishes are easy to grow. Learn how this spring in a DC DPR course

It remains one of the best deals in town: DC Department of Parks and Recreation offers free gardening classes in DC for those who want to learn how to grow their own food.

This year the department is offering a series of classes as a part of its Urban Gardening Certificate Program. After the completion of this course each participant will receive a certificate and the knowledge and experience to create and manage a large variety of urban gardening projects.  This course is seven weeks long, comprised of 16 2-hour classes and field trips total, all taught by experience urban garden teachers who are currently creating and managing the Districts leading urban agriculture projects.

Class Topics Include:

Urban Garden 101: Design and Strategies
Garden Vegetable Management
Garden Calendar Planning
Edible Annuals Workshop
Container Gardening
Organic Pest and Disease Maintenance
Medicinal and Edible Herbs and Weeds From the Garden
Starting Seeds and Propagating at Home
Critter Proof Urban Composting
Urban Organic Fruit Tree Management
Intro to Urban Bee Keeping
Garden Cooking
Food Justice
Garden Season Extensions
Backyard Garden Demonstrations
Urban Farming and Drip Irrigation Demonstration

For more questions and info please contact the DPR Community Garden Specialist, Josh Singer, at or visit the DPR website.  

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