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Just in time for Earth Day, there’s a new book out for kids about recycling from Jennifer Chambers entitled, Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle. 

Chambers has been working on environmental causes for years in the DC area.  She’s also a teacher.  In her new book for kids, she combines all of her talents to tell the story of a plastic water bottle named Scout who accidentally becomes a river rider and a piece of ocean trash before being rescued by a little girl named Alima.

If you haveve ever struggled to explain the journey that trash takes when it leaves our streets via storm drains, you’ll appreciate the graphic details and the lively pictures in this book, which tell the story in a neat, elegant and fun-to-read way.  (Those pictures, by the way, were created by Jesse Auth, a former student at the Siena School here in Silver Spring, Maryland.)

Chamber’s book, which includes depictions of some beavers, water strider bugs and loggerhead turtles that the bottle encounters along its journey, is being sold as both a way to educate and an inventive way to raise funds for the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Surfrider Foundation’s Rise Above Plastics program; all profits from its sale will be distributed equally between these two organizations.

Plastic trash is a serious problem in both our local watersheds and the oceans.  As the Surfrider website points out, except for a very small amount that has been incinerated, “virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form.”  Encouraging kids to recycle and pick up litter when they find it is a great way to address some of the problems that plastics can create in our ecosystems.

To purchase the book you can visit the Tate Publishing website, where both e-book and printed copies are available.

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