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Native Plants Provide Fall Color & Feed Wildlife

Want to add some color to a small urban garden while helping out our native wildlife?  Try planting some native perennials. Below are a few of my favorites.   Bees need food throughout the growing season, and there are many native plants that can provide a late-season meal for pollinators. In this photo a bumblebee is Read More →

Make Your Lawn Bay Friendly!

The Takoma Horticultural Club presents Bay-friendly Lawn Care and Alternatives to Turf Presented by Geoffrey Rinehart, U.S. National Arboretum Wednesday, March 16, 7:30 – 9:00 pm District of Columbia Library, Takoma Park Branch* 416 Cedar Street NW, D.C. 20012 Update: this meeting location will be changed due to the shut down of the DC Metro Read More →

How to Take Good Flower Photos with Your Smartphone

I love taking flower photos in my garden, but I am not always pleased with the results! Strangely, my android smartphone seems to yield the best results, perhaps because my expectations are always low and I’m always pleasantly surprised how my relaxed attitude makes for a better pic. Either way, I wanted to pass on info Read More →

Bumble Bees Provide Another Reason to NOT Rake Leaves

For years now I’ve been proclaiming the many good reasons to stop raking leaves in urban and suburban back yards. Leaves are the perfect mulch, and can increase the biodiversity of your soil. Leaving your leaves in place helps to provide lots of habitat of insects, which in turn provides lots of food for foraging Read More →

Help Document Global Biodiversity in the Great Nature Project

  Join the Great Nature Project National Geographic and the enthusiastic nature lovers working at have partnered to host a ten day international celebration of biodiversity. The goal of their “Great Nature Project” is to is to create a database of records that can be accessed by scientists, decision makers and the general public Read More →

Hey DC: Seen any rabbits lately?

For some gardeners, rabbits seem as voracious and as ever-present as that other garden gobbling mammal, the white-tailed deer. They run across streets at dusk flitting out from under shrubs to eat every newly planted flower to the ground. But in other neighborhoods, the Eastern Cottontails have all but vanished from the landscape, remaining only as Read More →

ReCycling Bike Wheels to Make Music in the Garden

The beginning of March is a frustrating time. I am done with winter now, and want it to go away.  I have been trying to find indoor garden projects that allow me to dream and be creative while the cold weather hangs on.  Two weeks ago that meant heading over to Wilson High School to attend RootingDC and Read More →

Help Community Forklift, Get Garden Tools, Too!

GARDEN PARTY AND SALE  at Community Forklift March 28, 2015 9am – 5pm   Donations accepted! This event is a great excuse to clean out your garage or shed! Community Forklift, a non-profit salvage yard located in Bladensburg MD, is joining forces with DC-area nurseries to collect donations of garden tools and supplies for a good cause. WHAT TO DONATE: Patio Read More →

Care of Rain Gardens in Winter

Do Rain Gardens Need Special Care in Winter? This winter has brought extreme cold to many parts of the Northeast US.  Ice and snow have been building up in rain gardens in many areas, prompting people to wonder if the gardens will clog up and stop working. Along many streets in the Metropolitan DC area, rain Read More →

This Spring Take Some Free Gardening Classes in DC

It remains one of the best deals in town: DC Department of Parks and Recreation offers free gardening classes in DC for those who want to learn how to grow their own food. This year the department is offering a series of classes as a part of its Urban Gardening Certificate Program. After the completion Read More →

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